The Assyrian lithograph of Kamyaran is in danger of being destroyed by looters
Disrespect and disregard for historical and cultural monuments continue. In the latest of these atrocities, a 2,700-year-old Assyrian lithograph has been left in the heart of a mountain in Kamyaran, Kurdistan Province.
Sixth year of attendance
We are entering the field of the Kurdish press, where our society is facing an unknown viral crisis in the field of health, and many people in their daily lives have been affected by this disease.
The Polish Independent Film Festival's Best Film Award went to the slaughter of Kurdistan
The award for best international film at the 26th Irnos Independent Film Festival in Poland went to the joint slaughter of Ako Zendkarimi and Saman Hosseinpour.
First Festival of Kurdish Fashion, Costumes Held in Iran
People from provinces of Ilam, West Azarbaijan, Kermanshah, Khorasan Razavi and Kurdistan participated in the event.
Name of Kurdish elites announced
The name of 30 Kurdish elites who were honored in the Kurdish Elites Congress were announced in the closing ceremony held late on Wednesday in Kurdistan University.
Official sheds light on process selecting Kurdish elites
The head of the language and literature scientifice committee of the International Kurdish Elites Congress explained the process which elects the elites who are supposed to be honored in the congress planned for July 2 and 3 in Sanandaj, the capital of Kurdistan province.